Do’s and Don’ts when on a diet: Expert Advise

Losing weight is a mammoth task, whether you are doing it to look good or you are doing it for the sake of your health. The moment you decide that you are going on a diet pills and start making amends, you get bombarded with advice from all corners. This can confuse you, for sure and may even make things look difficult for you. Luckily for you, we want you to make a healthy start to the year. So we have rounded up the best of ‘Dos’s and don’ts’ that you need to follow to achieve your target weight!

Do’s: When on a Diet!

  1. Do Keep Yourself Full

Hunger is a primal urge and you cannot deny it. Going on a diet does not mean that you have to starve yourself, rather going on a diet is more about making healthier choices when it comes to food. When you are famished, you are prone to make unhealthy choices and binge on crisps, cookies and chocolates. To ward off these hunger pangs, make sure you have 3-5 small, healthy meals throughout the day. Keep individual, small-sized servings of unsalted nuts, diced fruits and even whole-grain crackers.

  1. Do Keep a Food Journal

It may seem cumbersome, but keeping a food journal is actually helpful. Know your calorie goals and write down each food item you eat. This will give you an insight into your diet and will also help you stick to a better diet. Once you get used to it, trust us, you will notice a good change in your dietary habits.

  1. Do Use the ‘Red, Orange and Green’ Rule

At every meal that you have, include one food that is red, orange or green. Sure, it will make your plate look colorful, but you will be getting a good serving of a vegetable or fruit, instead of piling your plate high with an unhealthier choice. An additional benefit is that you will get a glowing skin, as well!

  1. Do Drink Up!

By drink up, we don’t mean any fizzy drinks or any wine, rather we mean water. Water not only keeps our body hydrated, but also helps in reducing water retention. Drinking a glass or two of water before any meal, actually makes you full so you don’t end up eating a lot. The general recommendations are about 64 ounces of water, but it can vary from person to person.

  1. Do Have Breakfast Everyday

Breakfast is the most over-looked meal of the day, yet the most important one. It kick-starts your metabolism for the day, so make sure you have a healthy and filling breakfast everyday. Opt for eggs or oatmeal to start your day. Phen375 helps in increasing your metabolism, with no side effects.

Don’ts, When on a Diet!

  1. Don’t Hold Back on the Chilies

According to a study, adding chilies to your food actually curbs your hunger. Surprising isn’t it? Another benefit is that chilies cause release of feel-good endorphins. So a full belly and a good mood are all that you need, don’t you? Another mind-blowing fact about chilies is that they actually burn fat by increasing your metabolic rate! How cool is that! Burn fat the easy way with Phen375 review reveal a slimmer you!

  1. Don’t Go Over-board with Salt

Your days of asking for the salt shaker are definitely over. Salt is one of the biggest contributors for weight gain, though it may seem innocent enough. Increased salt intake is associated with weight gain, bloating and an inability to lose those last stubborn pounds. Salt makes you feel hungrier and thirstier and you will see the puffiness and bloating go down, as soon as you cut back on your salt intake.

  1. Don’t Substitute Diet Soda for Soda

This is one of the commonest mistakes, almost everyone makes! Drinking diet soda is in fact associated with higher chances of developing metabolic syndrome, which includes an increase in belly fat and high cholesterol. Although, we don’t know why this happens, but a study has shown that the more the people drink diet soda, greater are their chances of developing obesity.

  1. Don’t be Hasty, when Eating Food

According to a research, it has been found that people who eat hastily actually tend to be overweight as compared to slow eaters. The reason is that it takes around 20 minutes for your brain to register that you have eaten enough and are fully satiated. If you rush in, chances are that you will end up over-eating. Try to eat your food slowly, chew it properly and enjoy it.

  1. Don’t Keep Baggy Clothes in Your Cupboard

Keeping baggy and loose-fitted clothes in your cupboard is going to deter your weight-loss efforts. Keep fitted clothes in your cupboard as they will definitely keep you more aware as you fill up.

Losing Weight and Maintaining it is Never Easy, but with Dedication and Persistence, you can Do it!